My buddy Lance King and I collaborate on various fun projects. Our manimations are a passion project, along with our zine Ler Ler Ler.

Halloween Manimation Special! Lance & Egg tell creepy stories to get you in the spirit for ghouls and fools. Every scene was drawn and acted out by hand. We had the enormous pleasure of being able premiere this video live on the Plaza in OKC at our favorite local t-shirt shop, Tree & Leaf, during our Drink & Draw Halloween art show.
Edgardo tells the puddly story of the time he quit his horrible job and celebrated by getting kicked out of a local bar called Cookies. There are some moderately graphic toilet situations, so beware! All scenes were drawn by Edgardo George and Lance King. Manimated by Edgardo George, and Lance & Becky King.
Our friend Bobbie Jo came over for some drinks and conversation. Bobbie Jo is always a hoot, so turning on the audio recorder was a must. We gently nudged her in the direction of Mars, and she brought the funny. All drawings were handmade with brush pens and markers and acted out by hand to the audio. There are some naughty words, so best not to watch in the company of toddlers or executives with wet noodle handshakes.